“So…err….it’s like ‘The Time Traveller’s wife’ then?”

……That has certainly been the most common response when I have attempted to tell people ‘what it’s all about’.

And no – it isn’t…….

Believe it or not, when I first started writing this story, I had never even heard of that particular best seller, and to this day I have still neither read it, nor seen the film. Any similarities there may be, are, I can assure you, purely coincidental.

No – it all started with the simple phrase “go on – ask me stuff”

My partner and myself had both individually read the charming and magical ‘Ferney’ by James Long (which I thoroughly recommend), which deals with the subject of intertwining lives across many generations, and of two people continually being brought back together over and over again. Reincarnation. Eternal love. That kind of thing. Anyway, during a phone conversation one night, the lady in question posed the challenge that if she could go back in time to meet the ‘younger’ me, but armed with all the knowledge she had amassed in later years, that she could prove who she was to me, no matter how crazy it seemed. The gist being, that she knew me better than anybody else in my life, and there was nothing she wouldn’t be able to answer about my ‘future self’

“Go on, ask me stuff”

And that simple conversation was where the germ of the idea for this story began. As soon as I had put the phone down, my mind started toying with the idea that I could ‘do something’ with this. The first chapter was written that very night.

So there you have it. The grandest of plans can begin with the simplest of ideas.

I will happily tell you more about the inspirations and events that shaped the rest of the book. Just ask me stuff….

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Introducing the debut novel by Pete Galer


Falling From The Moon by Pete Galer  

(A novel for the romantic dreamer in all of us)

Available as an ebook for Kindle from the good people at Amazon. Please follow link above to preview the opening chapters and download a copy

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Hello world!

After many years of promising / threatening to unleash my words upon an unsuspecting world, I have finally finished my debut novel ‘Falling From The Moon’.

I am new to this, but a friend has recommended this site as a way to communicate to would-be readers, and the world at large, so if you’re reading this bit then I thank you for getting this far and finding me!

Cheers, Pete

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